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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1:            Do I need a lease agreement to rent a property in the U.A.E?
A1:            Yes it’s necessary it will protect the right of the tenant and landlords if any legal case is engaged.

Q2:            How long does a lease last ?
A2:            Leases are usually for a minimum period of one year, so be certain that you have chosen the right location and unit that you would like to live for the duration of the lease.

Q3:            Are there different procedures for renting a residential or commercial units ?
A3:            No, the same procedures apply for leasing residential & commercial units.

Q4:            How do I lease in my name?
A4:            If you wish to lease in your own name,you need copies of the following documents for the landlord or estate agent:
    • Passport
    • residency visa ( valid )
    • Security deposit.
    • rent cheque in advance in the name of the landlord for the duration of the lease.

Q5:            How do I lease through the name of the company I work for?
A5:            If you wish to lease through your company,you need copies of the following :
    • Copy of the company’ trade license
    • Copy of the tenant’s passport and visa page.
    • Rent cheque in advance in the name of the landlord for the duration of the lease.

Q6:             What is D.E.W.A and S.E.W.A ?
A6:             D.E.W.A stands for Dubai Electricity Water Authority and S.E. W.A stands for is Sharjah Electricity Water Authority.Through these Authorities you will connect electricity and water for your property.

Q7:            Do I need a security deposit?
A7:            Yes, it is between AED 3000/- and AED 5000/-, this security deposit is fully refundable on the condition that the landlord receives the property in the condition in which it was let.

Q8:            Are there maintenance charges?
A8:            If living in Al Yousuf Real Estate property managed building, this already included and reflected in the rental fee,if living in a property leased through Al Yousuf Real Estate the maintenance is the landlord’s responsibility at all times.

Q9:            Are there any additional Water charges for a villa ?
A9:            Speak with the Property in Charge to discuss full details and options available to you.

Q10:            What happens if I need to break the lease ?
A10:            There is a specific rules for that speak with your property in charge to discuss full details and options available to you.

Q11:            Who pays the service fee ?
A11:            In Dubai an Sharjah the fee is paid by the tenant only.

Q12:            If maintenance problems occur, should I contact the agent or the landlord?
A12:            After receiving the keys of the property from the property in charge ,report maintenance problems to the management ( contact numbers mentioned in contracts).

Q13:            When the landlord can increase the rent ?
A13:            It’s regulated through the government of Dubai or Sharjah.

Q14:            Is the tenant allowed to alter the structure of the property ?
A14:            The tenant is not allowed to make any changes without express permission from the landlord or management.

Q15:            Do I need to keep any paperwork?
A15:            We recommend that you keep a copy of all paperwork related to your lease.

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